Tanguy Bourhis


Hailing from Aix en Provence, Southern France, Tanguy Bourhis emigrated from the suburbs of Marseille to London in 2013.

Bourhis garnered an interest in painting from an early age yet his foray into artistry as a profession was cemented upon a visit to an exhibition at ‘Palais de Tokyo’ in Paris at the formative age of 17.

Upon residing in the animated metropolis of London, Bourhis has amassed a myriad of influences and sequentially has used figurative painting as his medium to respond to what he sees, moments he has lived and memories he has shared with a motley of ever-changing communities.

Bourhis has spent this intervening period honing his practice, using his works to cast a light on what it is that drives his love for art and realising unparalleled ways of expression.

The protagonists of his works vary in profession and background – Bourhis’ prevalent preoccupation with each character rests in their unique commitment to their respective crafts, a reverence for a dedication and aptitude that mimics Bourhis’ own skill of putting brush to canvas.

Collectivist: 7th December – 10th December 2022
Ballerina: 12th October 2023 – 18th October 2023